Glass Houses & Stones…

I’ve been waiting to sound-off about this so I could compose my thoughts and write about it in a very poised way, but I haven’t reached that point yet so whatever. A few weeks ago, I was informed that someone who is supposed to be close to me decided they needed to say something negative about the way I’m living. I found it extremely funny that this person felt the need to comment on my life when theirs is full of drama, chaos, and turmoil. Compared to theirs, my life would seem angelic and boring. I am extremely tired of people pretending to have a lot of love for a person, but instead having so much hate and jealousy in their hearts. Just because you decided to wake-up one morning and decide that everything you did the hour, day, and years before has become null and void doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. I’m realizing that the untrue negative things people have to say about the way I’m living are a direct reflection of the unfortunate decisions they chose to make in their own lives. Trust and believe, glass houses and stones don’t mix well and your home is one pebble away from crashing down. Why even say anything about how I’m living when you know I’m aware of the lifetime of awful decisions you’ve made? So, speak for yourself and leave me out of your negative energy. I’m trying to live my best life and your jealousy (although it gives me a good topic to write about) causes less of a delay to that than you were anticipating.


Tiaundra Elise

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