Dear Black Men…

The weight on a Black women’s shoulders is strenuous, tiresome, and heavy. Black men, how can you not appreciate this woman who carries her weight and yours? Yes, you are King, but don’t ever forget that she continues to be beside you riding with you, behind you helping to pick up the pieces, and in front of you warding off any evils coming your way. The many roles she inherits from birth are not lost upon her. She continues to show up and show out every day for your household and the vast majority of the time she moves in silence without the want or request of accolade. Your Black Queen strives to be your everything through stress, exhaustion, and silent tears because she knows the weight of the outer world has rested on your back and shoulders from birth and aims to help ease that burden. Through the easy times and the challenging ones, she remains your confidant, your healer, your best friend, your escape, your happiness, your sunshine, your light, your guide, your backbone. She even allows herself to absorb your pain when you’re in agony and unable to fully articulate its source. With all that she is, how can you allow yourself to ignore the worth of this woman? How can you be so blind to see, understand, and be grateful for the value she holds in your life and society? When will the Black Queen be revered the way she should be? At what point did the admiration of her become lost?


Tiaundra Elise

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