Mindset Change

I’m not always the most positive person. In fact, some of my best writing has come out of a place of pain and deep emotion. Although I try to be cognizant of it, I need to remind myself that even the thoughts I’ve convinced myself to be small, actually manifest greatly into the universe, my mood, and my behavior. I have been telling myself for over a year now that I’m going to write a list of positive affirmations to say in the mirror every morning. Repetition creates belief. Of course, I have yet to do it because oftentimes I lose my sense of self-care within the craziness of the world. I always have “more important” things to do when self-care should really be my first priority. Taking the time to really frame your words and thoughts in a manner that will aid in having and maintaining a happier more optimistic way of life is a must. Changing from thinking “I am so tired today” to “I woke-up today” may seem small, but actually makes a world of a difference. So, I am challenging myself to work on and finish my morning affirmations by the end of the month. When you know better, you do better right?


Tiaundra Elsie

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